Lee Nutter - Phnom Penh based Photographer

Facebook Friendly Extras

Thank you for purchasing my chapbook Facebook Friendly!

I hope you’re enjoying the book so far. If you have enjoyed flicking through it, then I’m halfway there. If you feel it was worth your hard earned money, then I’m almost satisfied. If you feel compelled to revisit the book in the future, then I’m a very happy man.

Of course, part of the making it value for money is giving you as much as I can. When printing the book I was bound by page limitations and layout constraints. This lead to my leaving out some of the images I would have liked to have seen included, which means you would have missed out on seeing them, and I couldn’t have that!

To help show my appreciation for your support, I’ve put together a little ebook that contains some of the images left out of the printed book. To download your free copy, enter your email address below and click download.