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Facebook Friendly has SOLD OUT!April 8, 2016

This morning, just three days after the public announcement, my chapbook Facebook Friendly sold out. I have kept one copy back tho, copy #50 of 50, for a give away.

On Sunday the 8th of May, I will give away the very last copy of Facebook Friendly to a random person on my mailing list. This offer is available to everyone, worldwide.

Sign up for my mailing list here!

On the 8th of May 2016, at 7PM AEST I will export my mailing list to a text file, one email address per line. I will use this random number generator (an unaffiliated site) to choose a random number. The person who is on that line will be the winner, and will receive the 50th and final copy of Facebook Friendly, for free!

I will enter a lower limit of 1, so if you’re already on my mailing list, you do not need to sign up again. The upper limit will be the number of lines in the file. The person will then have 24 hours to respond with their postal address. If they do not reply within that time, I will choose another random number, and so on, until someone replies within 24 hours. They will then have the final copy of Facebook Friendly delivered to them, for free!

Any questions, let me know. Otherwise, sign up to my mailing list now so you don’t miss out!

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