Lee Nutter - Sydney Photographer

Work Journal

Sylph Sia May 27, 2016

The many talents of amazing Australian model Sylph Sia, and what you get when you offer your support.

Corwin Prescott and Nicole Vaunt May 4, 2016

Corwin Prescott and Nicole Vaunt are a creative and open minded power couple, and you should support them!

Sleep With Me April 28, 2016

How Scooter’s Sleep With Me Podcast has changed my life, and how Drew Ackerman uses Patreon to better the podcast.

Facebook Friendly has SOLD OUT! April 8, 2016

My book Facebook Friendly sold out! But there is still one chance to get yourself a copy, and it will cost you nothing!

The Black and White Renaissance April 7, 2016

How in camera black and white film emulation will increase the popularity of black and white photography.

The Importance of Patreon April 3, 2016

Why Patreon is so important. To creators and artists, to those who support them, and to wider society.

Download Silver Efex Pro Free! March 25, 2016

Google makes their Nik Collection free! Does this mean we’ll start to see more black and white photography?

GX8 Review, Part 2 March 15, 2016

One month, several shoots, and 3,000 photos in. My experience with the GX8.

GX8 Review, Part 1 March 14, 2016

Why I purchased the GX8, my initial impressions, a faulty shutter mechanism, and my experience with Panasonic customer support.

An auditory kiss November 16, 2015

Saving my sanity by buying a new pair of headphones.

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